3 Questions to the Perfect Managed Print Provider

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How do you choose the perfect managed print provider? It seems like a difficult question simply because it has so many moving parts. A managed print provider has to be able to answer all sorts of questions, adapt to your unique workflow and needs, and generally be interested in a partnership. Luckily, it's easy to find a perfect provider: just ask these questions!

The Right Questions

Remember, the right managed print provider is crucial to the success of your print environment. If it's not the right match, then you're sure to miss out on opportunities for boosting efficiency, cutting costs, and staying up-to-date with the latest technology, all without breaking the budget. It's all about matching a provider to your needs, goals, and values--and these questions can help you make sure that a potential provider will turn out to be a managed print partner.

Question #1: Can you analyze my existing print environment?

This is incredibly important. Managed print providers need to be able to take a close, trained look at your print environment the way it exists now--and they need to be able to take that information and create recommendations or suggest what should stay and what should go.

Question #2: Can you help me move toward paperless goals?

If you know that you rely too heavily on paper workflows, then a managed print provider should be ready and willing to help you find efficient, easy ways to start going paperless--like making good use of your digital filing systems.

Question #3: How important is security to you?

Security needs to be a priority for your managed print provider. These experts should be able to find ways to improve your existing security, offer new options or opportunities, and always be active in defending you from ever-changing digital threats.

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