Digital Office How-to: Scanning to Google Drive

Scanning documents

Making your office completely digital isn't something that happens overnight. It involves a lot of interrelated steps that you can take one at a time--and one of those steps is learning to scan physical documents directly to Google Drive. This is an invaluable solution for any workflow, so get ready to take notes as we share the details in this digital office how-to.

To the Cloud

Digital office solutions are in high demand. Sending documents to the cloud using an app like Google Drive can turn chaotic workflows into one smooth, efficient, streamlined series of tasks that get done without confusion or error. Before you can achieve that, though, you need the right knowledge and tools to be able to scan documents to Google Drive.

Before you get started, you need a scanner or multi-function device capable of connecting to your network, access to a reliable web browser, and a functional Google account. Once you have all of these tools in place, you're ready to get started.

Step 1: Find the app.

Your scanner is probably connected to multiple destinations like networks or computers. You'll want to search through the apps until you find Google Drive. Open the app and begin the connection process, which may involve registering your device.

Step 2: Connect the scanner to the Google account.

Go to your chosen web browser and follow the web address specified on your scanner. You will need to choose the Google account that you'd like to have receive scans; some companies start Gmail accounts for each specific device. After logging in to the proper account, you'll enter the code shown on your scanner and link Google Drive to your device. You will be prompted to create a PIN, a recommended step.

Step 3: Choose scanning options.

Once you're done, you can configure specific scanning options like color and format so that you can further streamline the process.

Scanning to Google Drive is just one process that strengthens a digital office. If you're looking for St. Louis digital office experts, contact us today!

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