Digital Office Security: Preventing Ransomware Attacks


Protecting a digital office in this day and age is quite an important undertaking. The truth is that in a digital office, your attention always needs to be focused on the wide and ever-changing variety of online threats. One such threat is ransomware--and today, we'll look at how to prevent it.

What You Need to Know About Ransomware

Ransomware is the aptly named digital threat in which your data is taken hostage and will not be returned until you've paid a ransom. It's a scary thing, because not only are you left locked out of your critical information--you're also at risk of having vital or sensitive data exposed as "punishment" for failing to pay a ransom. While there are many infamous online threats, this one is among the most sophisticated, which means that to protect your digital office, your security plan needs to be sophisticated too. Here's how you can prevent ransomware attacks.

  1. Always use backups. If you're not backing up your data, then you're vulnerable to all kinds of threats--not just ransomware. Always make backups a priority so that your data is safe no matter what happens.
  2. Don't skip updates. At one point or another, every one of us has wanted to skip an update because it will take too long or because we're busy. Unfortunately, many digital threats are based on vulnerabilities in outdated software, so make sure you never skip an update.
  3. Be Internet savvy. A crucial step in preventing online attacks is to know what you're up against. Do your homework on what fake emails and links look like, educate your employees on what not to click, and be smart and safe on the Internet.

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