Digital Office Solutions in St. Louis

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Da-Com understands both the benefits and challenges of running a business in St. Louis. That's why we have a suite of products and services and solutions designed to help you create a digital office that works for you.

One digital office solution we believe in is scanning. Whether you use a standalone scanner or multifunction device, there are more reasons than ever to consider digitizing.

Our scanners offer powerful software and scanning abilities, making it simple to capture and store all of your important documents. You can scan to email, scan to the network, or scan to the cloud. Choose from a variety of style types and settings to get precisely what you need.

Here are some considerations for your digital office.

Standalone or Multifunction?

A standalone scanner is a good choice for businesses that intend to do a lot of scanning, or need the highest quality. Architecture firms, for example, need each detail to be clear, and would probably prefer the features of a standalone.

Multifunction printers (MFPs) do multiple functions (scan, fax, print, and copy) all in one. Scanning quality will still be good, but MFPs are better suited to a business that scans less frequently or doesn't care about having the highest quality.

Going Paperless

Scanning gives you the opportunity to move to more digital practices. This helps you reduce paper consumption and paper related expenses. You can also add a document management service to help you manage your digital documents.

A digital office is a more efficient way to do business. It provides multiple opportunities for greater productivity and better security. You'll save time, money, and headaches when you utilize your scanner to convert documents. It's easier to find and store documents, and collaboration and sharing is simple.

Why not implement a better way of managing documents? Use scanning to upgrade to a digital office that makes a difference. Businesses in St. Louis can depend on Da-Com for all their digital office needs. Contact us today to learn more.

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