Go Green With Managed Print Services

More and more businesses are discovering the advantages of Managed Print Services. While many organizations initially enter into a Managed Print engagement to cut back on out-of-control printing costs, other benefits aren't far behind. Here are just a few:

  • More time for mission-critical projects.
  • Fewer requests for IT intervention due to printer-related issues.
  • Improved document security.
  • Improved productivity due to reduced downtimes.

Meet Your Sustainability Goals

Managed Print delivers another perk that many St. Louis companies don't expect. With organization-wide solutions to reduce waste, your St. Louis company's goals to go green can take off. Here's how Managed Print can make a measurable difference:

1. Reduced paper waste. The paperless office may be an interesting topic of conversation, but we're far from reaching that goal. With U.S. knowledge workers still using up to 10,000 sheets of printer paper each day, it's difficult to see that we're making any difference at all. Managed Print provides practical solutions to reduce paper consumption in ways that make an actual impact. 2. Reduced consumables waste. Did you know that a laser print cartridge can take up to 450 years to decompose in the environment? More responsible usage combined with recycling programs are the key to keeping cartridges out of landfills. 3. Reduced power usage. Many organizations have more printers than they need. Managed Print can help your St. Louis organization reduce a bloated printer fleet to a leaner, more efficient line-up of devices that truly serve your needs. You'll also discover that replacing old devices for newer ENERGY STAR-rated models can deliver significant cost savings.

To discover more ways Managed Print Services can help your St. Louis organization reduce costs and meet sustainability goals, get in touch with the professional staff at Da-Com Digital Office Solutions today!

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