Go Paperless With a Multifunction Printer

Trying to go paperless in your St Louis office is a worthy goal, but it's difficult to achieve without the right tools. If you're planning to introduce paperless policies to your staff anytime soon, you'll need the latest workflow technologies to help you meet your goals.

Try an MFP

Multifunction printers deliver big when it comes to paperless processes, and their productivity-enhancing features are second to none. Here are just a few of the reasons a multifunction printer should be your St. Louis organization's next new equipment acquisition:

  • Eliminate wasteful printing with scan-to-email and scan-to-fax capabilities.
  • Automate processes with customizable touchscreen interfaces.
  • Scan paper documents to eliminate paper-based storage systems.
  • Send documents directly to files, individuals, and cloud storage repositories.
  • Save money by replacing expensive-to-run desktop inkjet printers.
  • Reduce printer fleet expenses by switching to one centralized multifunction printer capable of serving an entire workgroup.
  • Combine the functions of four isolated technologies to copy, print, scan, and fax from one streamlined device.
  • Implement electronic document management to save time, money, and reduce paper consumption.
  • Enhance document security with the latest MFP security and data encryption protocols.
  • Print your necessary documents in-house (and in color!) to reduce the cost of expensive outsourcing.

A Greener Office

Whether your paperless initiatives are for saving money or reducing your impact on the environment, a multifunction printer is the right solution. Built-in technologies to reduce paper and toner waste are just the beginning; the latest MFPs include state-of-the-art energy saving capabilities to reduce your carbon footprint as well as your monthly power bill.

Seeing is Believing

The best way to learn how your St. Louis company can benefit from multifunction printer technology is to have a look for yourself. Contact the knowledgeable staff at Da-Com Digital Office Solutions to learn more today!

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