Healthcare Printing: HIPAA Compliance


Healthcare printing is different than printing in any other industry because it's in the business of saving lives. Of course, it can't do that without a little help--so here are a few tips to help comply with HIPAA regulations and make sure your print environment is healthy too.


The healthcare industry relies heavily on its printers, which means that a strong, compliant print environment is absolutely critical. One step in making sure that your printing processes live up to their huge expectations is to make sure that everything is HIPAA compliant. Protecting patient information can be a challenge when printing is spread out across different devices and locations--but luckily, there are a few easy ways to make sure your print environment is always complaint (and efficient).

  • Lock your printer trays.

One of the biggest security risks in healthcare printing is unattended documents left on the printer tray. They could be read or taken by anyone--so it's important to make sure you use trays that lock so that, no matter where a printer is located, its documents are safe and sound.

  • Keep an eye on your hard drive.

Today's printers store a lot of data, and that only becomes a problem when it's time to get rid of the machine or the hard drive itself. To avoid accidentally giving away the data stored on that hard drive, use data encryption and remember to wipe the memory regularly.

  • Control user access.

User access can be complicated, but when you know how to manage it, it makes a big difference in making sure you remain compliant. Specialized software will ask for identity verification before releasing a printed document or allowing access to a certain file.

Compliance doesn't have to be a pain. Take your printing to the next level and contact us today!

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