How to Achieve Edge to Edge Printing Results In-House

Have you been frustrated while trying to achieve edge-to-edge printing on your St. Louis company's network support printer? Even though your printer can't produce full-bleed documents, there are workarounds that can help you achieve the same results.

Three Ways to Get Full Bleed Results

You've achieved success on your home office inkjet printer, but a laser network support printer doesn't operate in the same way. Replacing your office printers with inkjet is cost-prohibitive, so you don't want to go that route.

1. Go Bigger — It's possible to achieve a full-bleed effect on your network support printer with this simple workaround: Print your document on a paper size slightly larger than your final requirement. For example, if your final document requirement is for 11x17, print the job on 12x18 stock and then simply trim the excess away.

2. Try Production Print — Some Ricoh production-level network support printers feature an Edge to Edge option that can make full-bleed results easier to achieve. You'll still need to trim two sides because the printer requires at least two physical touch points, but the results are an improvement on the above scenario.

3. Go Wide FormatWide format usage is on the rise, and there's a good reason for that. Full-bleed printing is easy to achieve, and with in-house professional printing capabilities like banners, posters, and other point-of-sale materials, your St. Louis company can jump on opportunities and trends without having to wait for outsourced printing.

4. Know Your Equipment — Design frustrations can be exacerbated when the user isn't familiar with the equipment. By designing within the printable area, you may discover that you can work in a pleasing border without compromising the design.

To learn more ways to get more from your St. Louis company's network support printers, contact us at Da-Com Digital Office Solutions today!

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