Is It Time For a New Printing Policy?

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Is your small business throwing money away because of an unmanaged print environment? A few simple changes may be all you need to start saving money today.

Establish Printing Rules and Policies

Without some established parameters to follow, there's no way for your St. Louis staff to know if they're meeting your expectations. Some of the most effective and commonly adopted printing rules include the following:

  1. Automatic duplexing— This one is so simple it's surprising more organizations don't take advantage of it. By setting your network support printer to print on both sides of the paper, you can effectively cut your paper usage in half.
  2. Default black and white— Limit color printing to the departments who need it. By choosing black-and-white default printing, the decision is already made to forgo unnecessary color printing.
  3. Deploy popup warnings— A popup can be an effective reminder not to waste paper and toner to print emails, web pages, and other unnecessary documents.
  4. Track usage— Most of your St. Louis employees are probably unaware of their monthly print volumes. Tracking usage by a device, department, and by the individual can help serve as a reminder to think twice before printing.
  5. Delete duplicate jobs— Clicking the PRINT button more than one time is a common error. Set your printers to detect and delete duplications.
  6. Try a new font— Believe it or not, changing fonts can help significantly reduce your toner usage. Try Calibri, Century Gothic, Garamond or Times New Roman to squeeze a little more out of each toner cartridge.

Upgrade Your Printers

Old technologies use more energy, break down more frequently, and don't have the built-in paper and ink-saving capabilities common in most of the latest copiers and printers. By upgrading to a new network support printer, your St. Louis office can save money on several fronts.

To learn more about the latest advances in network support printer technology, contact us at Da-Com Digital Office Solutions today.

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