Keys to a Digital Office: Optical Character Recognition

go paperless

Cutting down on paper usage and bringing your company completely into the digital age is a huge step, and you can't do it all at once. Luckily, by tackling one problem at a time with painless, efficient solutions, going paperless is easier than ever--and if that's your goal, then you won't want to overlook optical character recognition.

An Important Tool

Optical character recognition, or OCR, is one of many digital office solutions that can help you meet your paperless goals without cutting into your efficiency. OCR technology was designed to take diverse document types and formats, extract the relevant information, and then create a searchable file with data that can be changed or updated as necessary. It works with machines you probably already have, like multifunction printers, to make it easier for any kind of document to be turned into something efficient and useful. The best way to understand it, though, is to consider it in action.

With optical character recognition, you can:

  1. Minimize the need for manual data entry. It's tedious and has too much opportunity for human error, but once OCR is up and running, data entry is as easy as scanning a document, choosing the information to be extracted, and watching a searchable file be created.
  2. Handle any and all types of documents. Whether you work with the same file formats all day or you get different types from different people, OCR makes it possible to handle anything and everything that comes your way. Advanced technology allows OCR to recognize the proper information on a variety of different formats--even if titles or keywords are abbreviated.
  3. Painlessly gather invoice data. OCR allows you to set patterns for what types of data you want from certain documents. This means that it's easier and faster than ever to process invoices without error.

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