Managed Print: Keeping Your Documents Safe

managed print

These days, there are a lot of things to worry about when it comes to your company's most important documents. How can you keep everything safe? What can you do to manage risks and cut down on risky behaviors? Is there an easy way to make sure you're doing everything right? All of these questions have a simple answer: managed print.

Managed Print in the Modern World

Managed print may sound like it's all about organizing your print environment, optimizing your printer organization, and helping you identify and minimize costs, but the truth is that it's a lot more than that. No print management service would be complete without ample attention paid to improving security. Luckily, managed print makes it easy to identify some of the biggest risks your company is taking and get rid of them for good. In fact, here are a few examples:

#1: Forgotten documents

At one point or another, we've all hit the print button and then forgotten to actually get our file off the printer tray. Unfortunately, this can be a big risk--because unattended and forgotten documents can easily walk away in the wrong hands.

How to fix it: Managed print can help you implement innovative solutions like "Follow Me printing" that is released only to the original person who ordered the print.

#2: Unprotected data

Sometimes you do need to print sensitive data--but when you send it to the printer, what happens to it? Many modern machines save data to their hard drives before printing or copying, which means that your data isn't necessarily safe.

How to fix it: It's important to use encryption on every print and copy you make.

#3: Free printing

If you don't track printing, then any employee could be printing anything they want. This isn't just expensive for you--it's also a security threat.

How to fix it: Use managed print to analyze and organize your print environment with careful rules for what can be printed when.

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