New Year, New Copiers


It can be exhausting to keep up with all the new tech, but one place you don't want to fall behind is with your copiers. Copiers are a mission-critical piece of technology in everything you do, from communication to record-keeping to budget management. On this New Year, make a resolution to upgrade your copiers.

Why Upgrade?

A lot of technology doesn't necessarily need to be upgraded all that often. After all, it still does its job, and it's cheaper to keep an old machine than buy a new one, right? Well--not always. When it comes to advanced multifunction copiers, it can actually be inefficient, expensive, and frustrating to keep an outdated device. New copiers weren't designed so that you could pay extra money for unnecessary functions or gadgets; they were designed to improve the efficiency, energy use, and reliability of their predecessors. This is one technological advancement you can't afford to miss out on.

If it still seems easier (or, at least, cheaper) to make a resolution to go to the gym this New Year, here are some convincing reasons to upgrade.

#1: Old copiers are expensive.

Sure, you've already dealt with the up-front costs of buying your existing copier--but the truth is that outdated machines cost more in consumables and energy use than just buying a new machine. Inefficiency can cost you.

#2: Old copiers are frustrating.

Although your machine may have started off efficient and strong, the chances are that it's gotten a little slow. You might not notice it, but your employees probably do--and a faster, more powerful machine with fewer problems will certainly help keep morale up.

#3: Old copiers don't offer everything.

You might not want a new copier just because of its advanced functions, but some of those functions are actually efficient when it comes to streamlining workflows, cutting costs, and opening up new opportunities to make your company look professional. You can live without some of those features--but you'll miss out on considerable benefits.

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