Paper or Electronic Storage? The Choice is Clear.

Is it time for your St. Louis organization to stop depending on paper-based storage systems? While paper documents are still a critical part of many business processes, it can be a mistake to rely too heavily on them.

The Problem With Paper

As we write this blog post, winter storm Stella is ravaging the Northeastern United States. It's not the first catastrophic storm to cause major damage to homes and businesses, and it won't be the last. The question to consider is whether or not your St. Louis could survive the impact. Here's where paper falls short:

  • Paper documents are particularly vulnerable to lose during a natural disaster.
  • Manmade disasters, like fire or a plumbing problem that leads to flood, can also wreak devastation on paper-based document storage systems.
  • It's next to impossible to secure paper documents. They're inherently vulnerable to theft and accidental loss.
  • Forty percent of businesses who lose the bulk of their paper documents due to a disaster fail to recover; they simply close their doors.

The Digital Office

While we're still many years away from the completely paperless office, it's clear that relying too heavily upon paper is a mistake. Converting to a digital office through a Document Management system has never been more important, and fortunately for your St Louis company, it's never been easier. Here are the key advantages to Da-Com's Digital Office Solutions:

  • Prepare for disaster— With backed up digital files, your company's collective knowledge is safe from disaster.
  • Speed up your processes— Improve productivity and efficiency by automating your internal processes.
  • Find everything faster— Your digital office files are just a few clicks away.

When it comes to disasters, it isn't enough to depend on your good fortune. It's critical for your business to prepare for the worst. Contact us at Da-Com Digital Office Solutions to get started today!

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