Protect Your Company Again Malicious Emails

At one time, a lock on the front door and an alarm system were enough to deter illegal access to your company's property, but that's no longer the case. While digital office solutions have made the way we do business more efficient and less costly, we've all learned that this new-found methodology poses some additional risk.

The Problem With Email

Email has revolutionized the way your digital office communicates. It's also revolutionized the way criminals steal everything from your proprietary information to the contents of your St. Louis company's bank account.

Learning how to recognize a suspicious email and deploying an effective spam filter are important first lines of defense. Here are some signs that something is not quite right with an email:

1. Sender Issues — Hackers have figured out clever ways to get you to open an email, but clues are there if you know where to look. Perhaps you don't recognize the sender, or the email address is different from the domain. Unexpected requests or responses that you didn't initiate are red flags, even if the email appears to be from a colleague.

2. Suspicious Attachments — Not expecting an attachment? Then it's best not to download. Certain formats, like .exe files, will start running as soon as they're opened.

3. Suspicious Requests — Legitimate businesses will never ask for your company's banking or other private information via email or text. If you receive an email with this type of request, contact the institution or supposed sender via phone, using information you have on file or can find through another source (website or contacts list).

Your St. Louis digital office is constantly at risk from cyber attack, but you don't have to go it alone. Contact us at Da-Com Digital Office Solutions for state-of-the-art security services to keep your information safe.

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