Put An End to Print Waste

/waste-ful/ adjective used to describe a person or activity that consumes a valuable resource irresponsibly, extravagantly, or without cause

Are wasteful printing practices putting a drain on your St. Louis company's revenues? No matter who is doing the research, the numbers on wasteful document printing are never encouraging. Some say the average knowledge worker discards nearly half of printed documents by day's end. Others say the average waste per organization is around 17%, while other pundits point out that 40% of filed documents are either redundant or are never accessed again after filing. One thing everyone agrees on is that wasteful printing has got to go.

A Better Way Forward

It can be difficult to pinpoint where your St Louis organization falls on the wasted paper scale, but one thing is certainly true—no company can afford to overlook waste. For many organizations, outsourcing to Managed Print experts provides the solution—and the savings—they're seeking. Here's how Managed Print can save the day, and your bottom line:

1. Examining Your Situation

A Managed Print strategy begins with a thorough assessment of your current situation. You'll learn:

  • Your current total print spend, including consumables, repairs, maintenance, device purchases, etc.
  • Your actual print requirements based on your business processes.
  • Is your device-to-employee ratio working for you? Redundant devices are as costly to your organization as too few.
  • Are you paying too much for repairs?
  • Are frequent downtimes impacting your productivity?

2. Providing the Solutions

Managed Print providers consolidate your total print costs into one invoice, providing the visibility you need. They'll also optimize your print infrastructure to increase productivity and reduce costs, and free up your IT and administrative staff to focus on core business objectives.

To find out more about the advantages of Managed Print Services for your St. Louis organization, contact us at Da-Com Digital Office Solutions today!

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