Putting Your Managed Print Uncertainties to Rest

If you've been resisting a move to Managed Print Services, it may be because you've unknowingly accepted some common misconceptions. If you're unfamiliar with the Managed Print process, it's understandable why you may think it's in your best interest to keep things as they are.

The Managed Print Solution

In the case of Managed Print Services, it's what you don't know that may be hurting your St. Louis bottom line. Consider these common questions:

1. Is Managed Print too expensive for my business?

Outsourcing basic services has a reputation as an unnecessary expense, but Managed Print is an exception. With savings as high as 30%, most companies realize a significant return on investment in a relatively short amount of time.

2. Our current processes are working fine. Won't Managed Print just cause problems?

Any change can cause some temporary uncertainty, but Managed Print soon puts these fears to rest. If your staff is accustomed to dealing with error messages and paper jams, updating software and settings, and maintaining supply inventories, they won't mind at all when Managed Print personnel take these and other tasks off their plates.

3. Why not just let our IT staff handle our printers?

It's not uncommon for IT personnel to be assigned as the default printer maintenance staff, but is that really why you hired them? Managed Print technicians are industry-certified and trained to keep your printers in top condition.

4. Can't we just implement a few rules and reduce costs on our own?

You could try, but is that why you went into business? Managed Print Services can help you assess your current print spend and then deliver practical solutions for savings across your organization. With a highly efficient and streamlined fleet, you'll have the time you need to focus on core business goals.

To learn more about Managed Print Services for your St. Louis organization, contact us at Da-Com today!

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