Save Time and Money With Scanning

If you're like most St. Louis business owners, you never miss an opportunity to reduce waste and cut operating costs. Scanning is one such opportunity. Here's how the savings stack up:

Stop Wasting Time

If it's still true that time is money, then any solution that saves your St. Louis organization time is a winner. Here's how scanning saves you both:

1. Paper-based workflows belong somewhere in the 1980s. If your employees are still shuffling paper from desk to desk and department to department, you're wasting valuable time. Embrace the 21st-century digital office by replacing hard copy workflows with scanning and electronic document management. Companies who do so see workflow improvements as high as 30% across their organization.

2. Searching for paper documents is one of the worst offenders when it comes to wasting time. Research indicates that knowledge workers spend nearly two hours of each workday searching for information. Whether the culprit is paper-based storage solutions or unmanaged electronic filing processes, it's hurting your business. Scanning documents into loud-based document storage solutions can help make your digital office more efficient.

Stop Wasting Paper

Apparently, our efforts to go paperless aren't very successful; US companies still use paper at the rate of 10,000 sheets annually per employee. Even worse, nearly a third of the paper we use ends up as waste. What are we doing wrong?

  • Scanning is often underutilized, resulting in higher print volumes and slower processes.
  • Unmanaged print environments leave companies with no way to track print volumes or address waste.
  • Multifunction printers often include built-in solutions to reduce waste, but many organizations fail to take advantage of default settings.
  • Many companies have no policy in place to help employees address wasteful printing habits.

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