Should You Purchase or Lease Your Multifunction Printer?

Is a new multifunction printer on your St. Louis company's wish list for 2017? These office workhorses are a smart investment. By combining the capabilities of four different technologies into one device, your business can save money, space, and time.

Purchase or Lease?

The advantages of a multifunction printer are why many St. Louis companies decide to acquire one. What may not be quite as easy is deciding whether to lease or purchase your MFP. There are advantages to both options, and your final decision has a lot to do with your unique situation. Here is a list of some of the benefits to be found with both methods.

Benefits of Leasing

Leasing has some distinct advantages and is a good option for companies who've done their research. A top consideration is how long you expect to keep your multifunction printer, and what you'll want to do at the end of the leasing term. Here are just a few of the key advantages to leasing:

  • Lower upfront costs. For small to medium businesses, an outright purchase can put a dent in working capital. Leasing requires less cash upfront.
  • Budget predictability. With equal monthly lease payments, you'll know exactly how much to budget for your multifunction printer each month.
  • Access to new technologies. Leasing puts the latest multifunction printer technologies within reach of even the tightest budgets.

Benefits of Purchasing

For companies with the flexibility for a cash purchase, there are some definite upsides to consider.

  • Lower overall cost. As with any purchase, an outright purchase means fewer fees and a lower overall purchase price.
  • Tax write-offs. If you need help with this year's taxes, a one-time purchase of a multifunction printer can deliver a nice write-off.

To find out how to improve your St. Louis company's business processes with a multifunction printer, contact us at Da-Com Digital Office Solutions today!

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