Three Proactive Steps to Reduce Printing Costs

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Did you know your St. Louis small business may be spending as much as 15% of annual revenues on printing costs and document management? Because print-related costs often go undetected, many business owners don't realize how an unmanaged print environment can impact their bottom line.

Here are three proactive steps your St. Louis business can take to work smarter, increase productivity, and save money.

1. Leverage the Power of a Multifunction Printer

Are you taking full advantage of your multifunction printer? A smart MFP does a lot more than push paper from one employee to the next. Consider how these benefits can make a measurable difference:

  • Integrated processes. The right multifunction printer can help your staff automate daily processes. Skip the print button entirely, and route scanned documents directly where you need them to be with one simplified process.
  • Four features in one. There's no reason to pay for maintenance, supplies, and upgrades for four separate devices. Replace your copier, printer, scanner, and fax with a multifunction printer that combines all four functions in one device.
  • Get the latest security features. Old technologies may be putting your information at risk. Replace them with a multifunction printer that includes data encryption and other protocols to keep your information private.

2. Manage Your Print Environment

You can't reduce what you can't measure. With Print Management from Da-Com, your St. Louis organization can reap significant savings—often as high as 30% on your current print costs. Improve device uptime. Reduce wasteful printing habits. Free up IT teams to focus on critical tasks.

3. Choose the Right Partner

No St. Louis organization is exactly like another. Select a partner who can help you find the perfect multifunction printer for your needs along with a Print Management Solution customized for your unique situation.

At Da-Com Digital Office Solutions, we make Print Management and Multifunction Systems right. Contact us today to get started!

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