Three Roadblocks to Digital Office Success

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Are your goals to switch to digital office procedures on track? If not, what's holding you back? For many companies, the difficulties are similar and fall into three categories that are relatively simple to correct. Read on to find out if any of these situations are causing problems for your St. Louis digital office procedures.

1. Moving Content

Despite widespread adoption of cloud platforms, distrust remains a problem for many companies. Untrained users can carry security concerns with them into the cloud, exposing your proprietary information to unauthorized users. If you're having problems moving your St. Louis information into the cloud, contact your Document Management Services provider for assistance.

2. Locating Content

If your St. Louis documents aren't properly organized and stored, they can be nearly impossible to locate. Without consistent document retention procedures, productivity plummets. Research shows that improper organization and storage of documents is the reason employees spend as much as 50% of their time at work searching for information. And no wonder. Employees may need to search through emails, reports, notes, hard drives, spreadsheets, and Dropbox or other public repositories. By establishing tagging and storage policies for your information, your St. Louis company can expect to save both time and money.

3. Collaborating Via Email

When file servers are your default repository, employees can get frustrated when trying to locate content. File servers are especially ineffective for mobile users. To speed up processes, employees often resort to email to share content and collaborate on sensitive projects. Unfortunately, their solutions can cause significant problems for your company.

  • Collaborating via email causes major problems with version control. No one knows for sure which version is the most recent.
  • When employees share documents via email, there's no way to guarantee their security.

To learn more ways to help your St. Louis organization succeed, contact us at Da-Com Digital Office Solutions today!

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