Three Ways a Multifunction Printer Delivers Big Solutions

Are you dealing with cramped quarters in your St. Louis office? Are your team members bumping into one another as they criss-cross your hallways in search of your printers, copiers, scanners, and fax machines? While there are definite advantages to a dedicated scanner or fax for heavy use, a multifunction printer can replace them all while also solving a host of workplace difficulties.

Your New Office Workhorse

A multifunction printer delivers big on several fronts. Check out our list of must-haves, problem solvers, and wow-I-didn't-know-it-could-do-that features to see what we mean.

1. Add new office space. Well, not really, and that's the whole point. With a multifunction printer, you won't need to stay up late at night pondering whether you should knock down walls to add onto your cramped office space. By bringing a multifunction printer online, your St. Louis office can offload an entire line-up of isolated technology islands. Say good-bye to those one-hit-wonder desktop printers, outdated scanners, and aging fax machines and replace them with your new streamlined multifunction printer. You're welcome!

2. Save money. There's no arguing with an acquisition that can save your St. Louis business money. Eliminating redundant devices (see above) and their associated costs (supplies, software updates, maintenance), you'll start saving money right away. Other savings include reduced power usage, improved employee productivity, and the savings you'll discover with default solutions to reduce unnecessary printing.

3. Be nice to the planet. It's official: digital workflow strategies use fewer resources than paper-heavy processes. A multifunction printer can help your St. Louis company make the switch to paperless workflows with the built-in scanner and user-friendly touchscreen interface.

To find out more ways a multifunction printer can help your St. Louis company reduce costs and improve productivity, contact us at Da-Com today.

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