Uncover Hidden Costs to Reduce Waste

Digital Office St Louis

Just like everyone else, your St. Louis business needs creative ways to reduce spending. Because every cent that's saved means more revenue to direct toward growing your business, you can't afford to let small expenses go unnoticed.

Reduce Hidden Costs

Small expenses can add up, and hidden costs are often the culprit. Check out these often unnoticed spending habits that may be eating into your revenues.

1. Paper Consumption

You may be using a lot more paper than you realize. To find out, ask about a Managed Print Services Assessment. You'll discover just how much paper you're using, and learn how to use features like automatic duplexing and Print Job Re-Routing to reduce paper waste.

2. Color Printing

Is color printing accessible to anyone within your organization? Very few departments need color documents to complete their tasks. Limit access to color printing capabilities only to those staff members and departments who require it.

3. Print-Related Workflows

Paper-dependency is a common problem and one which not only wastes paper and supplies but also wastes hours of otherwise productive time each day. By converting to a digital office, you'll see a host of advantages.

  • The digital office uses fewer resources like paper, toner, and other paper-centric supplies.
  • Your digital office files will take up virtually no storage space.
  • The digital office reduces the need for repeated manual data entry, saving time and reducing errors.
  • Digital office processes reduce time wasted by searching for documents and routing paper from one department to another.

4. Know Your Supplier

Whether you need supplies or service, it always pays to stick with a trusted local vendor. You'll save money over the long term by dealing with someone who understands your needs and who promises to make it right.

To learn more ways to save time and money in your St Louis office, contact us at Da-Com Digital Office Solutions today.

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