Welcome to Your New Digital Office

Digital Office St Louis

Take a quick scan of your office. Are piles of paper causing an unpleasant spike in your blood pressure? Those piles aren't good for your business or your stress levels.

Your St. Louis company needs 21st-century solutions to stay afloat in today's highly competitive environment. Converting your paper-heavy processes into a streamlined digital strategy is a crucial part of the equation. Here's how to make your digital office a reality.

Convert That Paper

Scanning will allow you to convert paper documents to digital formats, clearing up that mess on your desk and directing your files where they need to go.

Most multifunction systems include a scanner, so be sure to capitalize on this feature. Capabilities like scan to folder make it easy to automatically route documents directly to folders, individuals, and existing workflows without printing. OCR (Optical Character Reader) software converts paper documents to editable formats, making updates and collaboration even easier.

Get Comfortable With Electronic Document Management

Documents, both paper and digital, must be managed. Document Management delivers big capabilities that can help your St. Louis implement a successful digital office strategy.

  • Document capture software eliminates time-consuming processes and directs your information to its proper place within your system.
  • Stop wasting time looking for paper documents filed away in metal storage systems. Digital files are accessible in seconds.
  • Improve customer service with lightning-fast answers to their inquiries and concerns.
  • Enhance document security and compliance mandates with digital office solutions that keep your information away from unauthorized users.
  • Improve collaboration and speed up projects with remote access to critical documents.
  • A digital office can survive a disaster, but a paper-based company is less likely to recover. Data backup and disaster recovery are key benefits of electronic Document Management.

For 21st-century digital office solutions for your St. Louis business, contact us at Da-Com today!

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