What You Need to Know About Copier Maintenance Agreements


So, you're done buying a copier. The hard part of choosing a model, a vendor, and a specific agreement is over, and you're ready to place your new machine in your workflow--right? Well, not necessarily. First, you need to decide whether or not you want a maintenance agreement on your copier, and today, we'll explore exactly what that means.

Maintenance Agreements

Although multifunction copiers require less maintenance than their single-function cousins, these machines still do need a little help and care every once in awhile. That's where maintenance agreements come in. These agreements are basically a deal you make with your vendor in order to make sure everything's taken care of, including:

  • consumables, like toner and drums,
  • parts and repair,
  • labor,
  • and travel time and costs.

While the details differ, it's important to make sure what your maintenance agreement would actually entail, since some things are usually left out. This includes:

  • paper,
  • specialized consumables, like staples for a stapling finisher,
  • and damage caused by neglect or mistreatment, like, for example, problems caused by moving the machine to a new location without proper procedures.

Now that you know the details, it's time to cover the most important variable: price. The price of a maintenance agreement depends on the model, your own copy habits (like volume, color usage, and frequency), and random events like higher maintenance needs or malfunctions. However, the important thing to note is that, in most cases, you would generally be paying more to handle everything on your own, and that's assuming that everything goes right and you don't need any serious maintenance. At the end of the day, it's important to do your research and really consider whether a maintenance plan will save you money.

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