Which Multifunction Printer is Right for You?

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Your St. Louis organization's commitment to reduce costs and improve productivity requires the right office equipment. To reach your goals faster—and without breaking the budget—a multifunction printer is a perfect choice.

Know Where to Begin

List your St. Louis organization's requirements so you can start focusing in on the right multifunction printer to meet your needs. Here's where to start:

1. Out-of-the-Box Performance

The industry has made tremendous strides in functionality, and when combined with intuitive user interfaces, the right multifunction printer can save your business both time and money. Look for user-friendly touchscreen interfaces, easy-to-access online support, and out-of-the-box performance for an MFP that lives up to your expectations.

2. Basic Features

Beyond printing and copying, what features would you use most? How many people do you expect to use the device? How many documents do you print, copy, and scan each month? Do you need color printing?

3. Total Cost of Ownership

There's more to consider than initial hardware costs. Some low-end devices may end up costing you more than a state-of-the-art laser multifunction printer. Carefully research the cost of supplies and expected lifespan. The right multifunction printer can help your St. Louis organization reduce printing waste and power usage while improving everyday business processes.

4. Security Considerations

A multifunction printer can give hackers access to your network, so pay close attention to security claims. Do the device's security protocols meet your requirements? Are there solutions like encryption, pull printing, and password protection?

5. Process Integration

Today's customizable multifunction printers can help your St. Louis company reduce its dependence on paper-based processes through electronic document management. Look for an MFP with capabilities to scan and route documents to people, cloud repositories, folders, and more.

For help finding the perfect multifunction printer for your St. Louis company, contact us at Da-Com today.

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