Why You Need Managed Print *Today*

managed print

Managed print services come with a lot of benefits--and the sooner you start taking advantage of those benefits, the better. In fact, we believe that there's no reason you shouldn't start using managed print today, giving your company a leg up when it comes to going green, getting efficient, and defending against security risks.

Why Now?

Managed print is more important than ever, for one important reason: the business world is moving fast, and if you can't keep up, you may get lost in the shuffle of expensive problems and internal risks you may never have recognized. There are a lot of ways to strengthen your company, but since you probably rely on your printers more than anything, streamlining and managing your print environment is a painless and efficient choice.

The moment you decide to use print management, you'll start seeing benefits like these:

  • A security overhaul. Security is crucial--but when it comes to printing, keeping data safe isn't always easy. Print management can help make sure that each employee is only printing info they need, and that no sensitive information ends up abandoned on the printer or copied for unauthorized distribution.
  • Help with going green. Environmental friendliness is actually good for your budget, too, and with print management, it's achievable. You can find quick and easy ways to save green both ways, cutting down on unnecessary prints, managing colored ink usage, and using recycled consumables.
  • Increased efficiency throughout the company. The biggest benefit of managed print is that it doesn't just change your print environment--it changes your workflow. You'll notice better communication because there are fewer printer errors. You'll get more efficiency, since every technical question is answered quickly and helpfully. You'll even see a healthier budget, thanks to expert advice on streamlining and strengthening your processes.

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