Managed Network Services Prepare Businesses for the Future

Various types of businesses function each day because of their network capabilities. Not all of these businesses, however, have IT departments to manage these networks. It is sometimes the case, that small businesses are unable to staff these departments. This doesn’t mean that you have to leave your network in jeopardy. Managed network services allow you to outsource your needs in this area. You get quality services from professionals who are experts in information technology.

Critical Changes to Your Office – Image Transformations

Oftentimes, businesses consider remodeling projects because they want to create a new image. This is also a way to modernize your approach to business. According to, these projects can add to the professional atmosphere of your office environment. The impression that you leave on visitors and potential clients can lead to increased business. Making critical changes to not only your physical structure is a way to transform your image.

Recover After Disaster – Benefits of Managed Documents Storage

Managed documents services is more than an alternative to traditional storage. These services offer protection should disaster strike your office. According to Prevention Web disaster statistics storms are the most common natural disasters. These storms affect not only residences but commercial structures, as well. Wind, rain, debris and other components of these storms can lead to a disaster at your office. Depending on the amount of damage sustained, it could be a while before you are back in business.

With Office Space Shrinking - Ditch Your File Cabinet

In our modern society, everything is shrinking, including office space. In the 1970's, office space averaged about 500-700 square feet, today those numbers are around 200 square feet per employee. Companies such as Zappos only allocate 150 square feet to each employee. 
Some companies find ways to use their real estate even more efficiently by creating flexible workstations. Alcatel-Lucent, for example, accommodates 450 employees at 250 workstations and Credit Suisse uses 2000 workstations for 2500 employees.

Eliminate Paper Waste With Document Management

You may thing it is impossible to minimize paper waste at your office with all of the hard copies of important documents needing to be printed. It can be essential to have a hard copy at times but an exaggeration of this mindset can cause excessive paper waste. Most companies are using too much paper, and are now considering the use of content and document management software to cut down on paper use, which would in turn cut down on both company expenses and environmental harm. What a combo! Below are some ways companies continue to waste paper (and thus, money) on a daily basis:

Strengthen Relations With Clients Through Document Management

Relationships with clients can range from strcitly business, to friendlier and more personal clients. Knowing the difference between these relationships is crucial in knowing how to accordingly with each client. But when it comes to business, all clients want results. With document management software, you can strengthen these relationships by allowing the client to get more involved in the projects, without being obtrusive to your tasks.

It's Easy to Be Green

Going green can benefit your business by cutting costs, rejuvinating the office, and lessening your impact on the ecosystem. This practice is becoming revolutionary in modern society and the corporate world to revert to more sustainable practices. When it comes to content management, there are many changes that you can make that will reduce your environmental impact.
Adapt to Digital Office Practices

Throw Away your Filing Cabinet

Does your office still own a filing cabinet? If so, throw it away! Filing cabinets are a thing of the past!

When you store your documents in a filing cabinet you face many frustrating problems along with it.

Some of these issues include:

Adopt a Green Printing Environment

In today's society it is important to be a company that practices environmentally friendly business. Studies have shown that customers respond well to companies that show they are striving to be "green."

There are so many ways that your company can go green. The more expensive ways include green architecture and solar panels. Or there are ways of going green around the office such as using Eco-friendly cleaning products, purchasing energy efficient light bulbs and office equipment and also cutting back on using paper products and less printing.

Use Print Management

Saving money is always nice. Whether it's on personal bills or business costs there isn't a person who doesn't love to save money! Many people in companies strive on a daily basis to cut costs and increase profits.

There are so many ways a company cut costs. One way that many companies don't even consider for cut costs and saving money is by reducing the amount of printing your company uses.


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