The Benefits of a Network Support Printer

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If you're in the market for new printers for your St. Louis organization, you have some decisions to make. One of the first among them is whether to purchase a local or network support printer. Since there are distinct advantages and disadvantages to both types, you'll want to spend some time deciding which is a better fit for your requirements.

Improve the Way You Store Your Documents

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Without access to your documents, business as you know, it would cease to exist. Preventing document storage problems isn't difficult when you know how to identify them. Here are five simple ways to improve the way your documents are stored.

Gain Insight With a Managed Print Assessment

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There's no question that reducing costs is at the top of the to-do list for many St Louis business owners. The first step in making it a reality is to gain some much-needed insight into your current situation. While your current balance sheet may provide some clarity, are there areas where costs remain hidden and undefined?

A Notorious Culprit

Print environments are notorious for under-the-radar spending, but many business owners and office managers are completely unaware of the problem. Here's why:

The Trend That's Here to Stay

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Some trends don't live up to the hype—mullets, for example. No one wants to be the guy who had a mullet "back then" just to be on trend. But some trends exist because people are starting to realize something important, and they stand the test of time. The latter is true of the trend toward digital everything in the office.

Why Small Businesses Should Stop Skimping on This Tool

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Too often, small business owners skimp on office equipment purchases. The reasoning makes sense: the initial purchase price can be a turn-off, particularly when you're first starting out and every penny counts. But small business owners already have countless tasks on their plates, and without the right printer, their productivity and efficiency can be problematic.

Robust Solutions for Your Digital Office

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Remote workers in the United States are predicted to make up almost 75 percent of the workforce by 2020. 105 million mobile and work-from-home employees (including the ones in your St Louis company) need digital office solutions to make it all possible.

Da-Com is a leader in providing remote access capabilities for the St Louis digital office. Remote access allows businesses to successfully communicate with the home office, satellite office locations, and employees working from home or in the field.

The Unexpected Benefits of Managed Print Services

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Is your St. Louis organization seeking new solutions to cut costs and improve business processes? Managed Print Services can solve both of these common issues, often in unexpected ways.

1. Your Managed Print Solution

A Managed Print strategy can help your St. Louis organization meet these and other ongoing business challenges:

Remap Your Print Environment to Increase Productivity

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You've purchased the latest multifunction printer and other state-of-the-art imaging equipment for your St. Louis office, but the expected improvements in productivity haven't materialized. Your staff members are highly skilled and trained to get the most from your devices, so you know that's not the problem. Could it be your print environment and device layout?

Clarify Your Message With Color

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Are you ready for a little more color in your day? Research shows that even just a little used in your St. Louis marketing materials can deliver impressive results.

Color Matters.

If your St. Louis business is in the market for a network support printer, you might want to give color some serious consideration. Consider these facts:

  • Call me. Plan for 44% more calls when you print your phone number in color.

The BYOD Trend—Do You Have a Policy in Place?

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Has your St. Louis business embraced the BYOD trend? If you have, you're not alone. The pervasive growth of mobile device use by an increasingly younger workforce means more and more companies are recognizing the benefits of mobility. Here are just a few of the benefits for your digital office:

  1. Anytime/anywhere access to company data and projects.

  2. Improved collaboration.

  3. Improved employee job satisfaction.

  4. Increased efficiency and productivity.

  5. Access to mobile printing.


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