Digital Color Printing for Mid-Volume Direct Mail Applications

Capture Marketing executives and managers from various industry sectors in the U.S., including financial services, healthcare, banking, manufacturing, and others who received direct mail postcards with an offer to participate in
a brief online survey related to direct marketing responded equally to cards produced on a high-speed mid-volume cut-sheet inkjet device and cards produced on production class full-color toner-based equipment.

-More than 40% of the respondents believe that printing is the most effective media for business communications, and nearly 90% of all respondents prefer to receive full-color direct marketing materials.

-Above and beyond response rate, two-thirds of the respondents indicate that the cost of printing is the most important criteria of a direct marketing campaign.

-Inkjet produced cards generated about 4% fewer responses (or -.03% in response rate) than cards printed with color laser equipment—a difference that is generally considered statistically insignificant.

-For this mailing, based on the running cost of the equipment, the cost per response for postcards produced on the inkjet equipment is 62% less less than the response rate of cards produced on full-color electrophotographic equipment.

    INTERQUEST, Ltd. was commissioned by RISO, Inc. to conduct a study comparing the response rates to direct mail postcards printed on a RISO full-color inkjet printer with the same cards produced on a production class
    full-color electro photographic copier/printer. INTERQUEST independently managed all phases of the study, including the selection of respondents, the printing and mailing of the postcards, and the tabulation and analysis of the results.