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Digital Office Security: Preventing Ransomware Attacks


Protecting a digital office in this day and age is quite an important undertaking. The truth is that in a digital office, your attention always needs to be focused on the wide and ever-changing variety of online threats. One such threat is ransomware--and today, we'll look at how to prevent it.

Digital Office How-to: Scanning to Google Drive

Scanning documents

Making your office completely digital isn't something that happens overnight. It involves a lot of interrelated steps that you can take one at a time--and one of those steps is learning to scan physical documents directly to Google Drive. This is an invaluable solution for any workflow, so get ready to take notes as we share the details in this digital office how-to.

Keys to a Digital Office: Optical Character Recognition

go paperless

Cutting down on paper usage and bringing your company completely into the digital age is a huge step, and you can't do it all at once. Luckily, by tackling one problem at a time with painless, efficient solutions, going paperless is easier than ever--and if that's your goal, then you won't want to overlook optical character recognition.

Digital Office Solutions in St. Louis

Man Holding His Laptop with Lightbulbs

Da-Com understands both the benefits and challenges of running a business in St. Louis. That's why we have a suite of products and services and solutions designed to help you create a digital office that works for you.

One digital office solution we believe in is scanning. Whether you use a standalone scanner or multifunction device, there are more reasons than ever to consider digitizing.

Uncover Hidden Costs to Reduce Waste

Digital Office St Louis

Just like everyone else, your St. Louis business needs creative ways to reduce spending. Because every cent that's saved means more revenue to direct toward growing your business, you can't afford to let small expenses go unnoticed.

Reduce Hidden Costs

Small expenses can add up, and hidden costs are often the culprit. Check out these often unnoticed spending habits that may be eating into your revenues.

Document Management v. Document Storage

Digital Office St Louis

Your St. Louis law firm has likely started or made the transition from paper-based to digital documents. That's a critical first step toward a secure digital office and one that many law practices now recognize as a business imperative.

Nonetheless, there's a good deal of difference between document storage and document management. One of the two is inefficient, wastes valuable resources, and is a potential place where lost documents go to die. To make sure you're choosing the right one, read on to learn the critical differences.

Three Roadblocks to Digital Office Success

digital office St Louis

Are your goals to switch to digital office procedures on track? If not, what's holding you back? For many companies, the difficulties are similar and fall into three categories that are relatively simple to correct. Read on to find out if any of these situations are causing problems for your St. Louis digital office procedures.

Improve the Way You Store Your Documents

digital office St Louis

Without access to your documents, business as you know, it would cease to exist. Preventing document storage problems isn't difficult when you know how to identify them. Here are five simple ways to improve the way your documents are stored.

Robust Solutions for Your Digital Office

Digital Office St Louis

Remote workers in the United States are predicted to make up almost 75 percent of the workforce by 2020. 105 million mobile and work-from-home employees (including the ones in your St Louis company) need digital office solutions to make it all possible.

Da-Com is a leader in providing remote access capabilities for the St Louis digital office. Remote access allows businesses to successfully communicate with the home office, satellite office locations, and employees working from home or in the field.

The BYOD Trend—Do You Have a Policy in Place?

Digital Office St Louis

Has your St. Louis business embraced the BYOD trend? If you have, you're not alone. The pervasive growth of mobile device use by an increasingly younger workforce means more and more companies are recognizing the benefits of mobility. Here are just a few of the benefits for your digital office:

  1. Anytime/anywhere access to company data and projects.

  2. Improved collaboration.

  3. Improved employee job satisfaction.

  4. Increased efficiency and productivity.

  5. Access to mobile printing.


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