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Three Roadblocks to Digital Office Success

digital office St Louis

Are your goals to switch to digital office procedures on track? If not, what's holding you back? For many companies, the difficulties are similar and fall into three categories that are relatively simple to correct. Read on to find out if any of these situations are causing problems for your St. Louis digital office procedures.

Improve the Way You Store Your Documents

digital office St Louis

Without access to your documents, business as you know, it would cease to exist. Preventing document storage problems isn't difficult when you know how to identify them. Here are five simple ways to improve the way your documents are stored.

Robust Solutions for Your Digital Office

Digital Office St Louis

Remote workers in the United States are predicted to make up almost 75 percent of the workforce by 2020. 105 million mobile and work-from-home employees (including the ones in your St Louis company) need digital office solutions to make it all possible.

Da-Com is a leader in providing remote access capabilities for the St Louis digital office. Remote access allows businesses to successfully communicate with the home office, satellite office locations, and employees working from home or in the field.

The BYOD Trend—Do You Have a Policy in Place?

Digital Office St Louis

Has your St. Louis business embraced the BYOD trend? If you have, you're not alone. The pervasive growth of mobile device use by an increasingly younger workforce means more and more companies are recognizing the benefits of mobility. Here are just a few of the benefits for your digital office:

  1. Anytime/anywhere access to company data and projects.

  2. Improved collaboration.

  3. Improved employee job satisfaction.

  4. Increased efficiency and productivity.

  5. Access to mobile printing.

How Electronic Forms Can Improve Productivity

Digital Office St Louis

If you're like most St. Louis organizations, you've made the step to an increasingly digital office. Electronic forms are the next logical step in the process.

Read on to discover how electronic forms can take your St. Louis digital office to new levels of productivity.

The Key Benefits to Your Customers

While it's true that electronic forms are a boon to your St. Louis digital office workflows, they also get the thumbs-up from customers. And anything that makes customers happier is a win for your company. Consider these benefits:

Document Management Meets the Challenges of Remote Access

Digital Office St Louis

Your St. Louis office is on trend with the rest of the nation, and you either have employees that work remotely or you soon will.

While remote working is a proven method for improving productivity and reducing costs, it also brings about unique challenges for St. Louis employers. Security and document organization are among the most glaring, while cumbersome paper processes are almost impossible to maintain in a remote working environment.

Read below to discover how electronic Document Management can help your St. Louis digital office solve the problem.

4 Tips to Avoid Office Supply Scammers

Digital Office St Louis

Despite crackdowns and ramped-up efforts from the Federal Trade Commission in recent years, office supply scammers still manage to cheat businesses out of millions every year. The problem is so severe that the FTC has implemented a two-pronged effort to stop the fraud—Operation Copy Con and Project Boss (Banish Office Supply Scams). Click here for more information.

The Digital Office—Your Key to Success in the 21st Century

Digital Office St Louis

If you're a small or start-up St. Louis business, you're in a unique position, especially if the adage begin as you mean to go on has any merit.

The paperless digital office is no longer just a pipe dream. Electronic Document Management is a proven solution providing big benefits for businesses of all types and sizes.

From improved communication to reduced administrative costs, the digital office has a lot going for it. Check out our list to learn more.

Use Color to Promote Your Business and Your Brand

Digital Office St Louis

While many St. Louis organizations are going to the paperless digital office, printing is still an important part of daily business operations.

Even if you stick to plain black-and-white text for office communications, you'll still want to take advantage of color with your company logo and all of your customer-facing materials.

Marketing Your Business Vibe

What would you like your customers to take away from your business? Use color to bring the message home.

Designing the Digital Office

Digital Office St Louis

The digital office has brought with it some innovative ideas for workspace design. With the easier collaboration that naturally flows through the digital office, it may be worthwhile to rethink your St. Louis office space.

Designing the Digital Office

The impetus behind most workspace redesign is improved performance. While individual productivity is often enhanced within the confines of private workspaces, companies seeking better collaboration are taking a serious look at open plans.


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