3 Steps to Safer Printing

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Companies of all shapes and sizes are constantly looking for ways to keep up with the security demands of a highly technical world. Unfortunately, as the digital bad-guys get smarter and smarter, security gets more complicated--so what are your options when it comes to protecting office printers? Here are a few quick tips!

The Scary Truth

If you aren't too worried about protecting your printers, here's some scary data that might change your mind: hackers often target printers and multifunction devices first because many companies forget to secure these machines. You don't want printing to be a security issue in your business--but, naturally, you also don't want to have to implement any new security measures that will interrupt your workflow or limit your efficiency. Luckily, it's not so difficult to make sure you're printing the smart way by protecting your machines.

Printing the Smart Way

Ready to get started? Here are three simple steps toward safer (and smarter!) printing!

  • #1: Move the printers.

This might seem like a strange step at first, but the truth is that you have just as many offline threats to worry about as you do online threats. It helps a lot to make sure your printers are in a safe, secure area, maybe with limited access.

  • #2: Focus on the data.

There are lots of ways to make sure you're handling your data in the most secure way possible. For example, try encrypting data while it travels from network to printer and while it rests in your machine's memory. (Also, remember to wipe hard-drives before you get rid of your devices!)

  • #3: Get everyone's help.

Before you can start printing smarter and safer, you're going to need everyone's help. Make sure employees know all the best printing practices (like never leaving documents on the printer tray) and the smartest tips for digital security (like hovering over links to make sure they go where you expect).

These are the first three steps toward safer printing. Contact us today to find out what else you can do to secure your printers!

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