3 Things to Ask Your Managed Print Provider

managed print

Managed print is important to almost everything your company does, which means that the provider you choose is going to be important too. In order to make sure you're getting the most out of that relationship, it's important to ask these questions.

The Perfect Provider

Think about an average day in your workplace. How much could be accomplished without printing or copying? Probably not a lot--and that's why it should always be a priority to care for your print environment. That's where managed print comes in. With this beneficial solution, you can always rest assured that you're saving money, finding the most efficient processes, and streamlining everything--but that's only if you have the perfect provider. Here are a few questions to ask so that you can make sure you're in the right "relationship!"

#1: How will you assess success?

A good managed print provider will come into your company and analyze your print environment before they do anything, allowing them to get a good idea of what's working and what can be improved. Then, they should provide you with regular assessments that keep you up-to-date on how far you've come since they helped boost efficiency and cut down on waste.

#2: Are you proactive?

When it comes to technology, problems are a given--but if you've got the right provider, then they should be able to think proactively and help you identify and eliminate issues before they cause any trouble at all.

#3: How are you going to save me money?

Managed print has the power to cut down on unnecessary printing, minimize energy and consumables costs, identify cheaper alternatives to your current machines, and help you manage risks through compliance and security processes. If a provider can't explain how they're going to save you money, they're not right for you.

If you think that managed print is perfect for your company but don't know how to find the perfect provider, we're happy to help. Contact us today!

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