3 Ways Document Management has Changed with Cloud Solutions

document management

The digital office space has changed the way we do almost everything. From communicating with coworkers to submitting a RFP, your job is completely different than it was 20 or even 10 years ago.

But it's good to consider - is it easier than it was then? The digital revolution was supposed to make things more simple and convenient.

If you feel like that hasn't been the case at your job, there may be additional office solutions that you can implement to leverage the online world we live in.

For example, document management has become a comprehensive paperless system and cloud solutions have made the service even more functional.

Wait - What is Document Management?

We can back up here. Document management is a system that includes scanning all files into digital files, organizing digital files in easy to access locations, securing all digital information and data, and backing the system up to a cloud storage system.

How has document management changed as cloud solutions have improved?

1. Access files securely from anywhere

With your document management system, you can create a comprehensive backup storage system, and/or an extensive cloud storage system that keeps files available to you. This means files can be secured and also accessed by the right people from anywhere.

2. Apply backup features to storage

Make sure that you can actually access your backed up files and stored data. With cloud solutions, you can have additional backups that are accessible through other means to ensure that if disaster strikes - or theft, or an accident - you can keep running your business.

3. Save physical storage space

Probably the biggest benefit is that you can keep your space as offices, breakrooms, customer areas...anything that you really need, once it isn't crammed full of file cabinets any more. That's right - scan and store all your historical files and data as well and you'll create a business system you can work in for another couple of decades, and an office with breathing room.

Your Office is Better with Digital Storage

Document management and cloud solutions take your office operations to the next level. Ready to go fully digital? It's easier than you think - contact us at Da-Com today.

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