3 Ways Toner Pirates Try to Board Your Ship

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Toner pirates, unlike their cinematic counterparts, aren't lovable mischief-makers or silver-tongued antiheroes. Instead, they're nothing but trouble--and if you don't want that trouble aboard your ship (or in your company), you'll need to know what to look out for. Here are three ways toner pirates try to board--and how to stop them in their peg-legged tracks!

The Three Types of Toner Pirate

Toner pirates may be villains, but they're often savvy villains. They don't come to your company's front door waving their swords, and they don't raise the Jolly Roger flag; they're far more subtle than that.

Luckily, when you know what types of toner pirates sail the Seven Seas, it's much easier to be on the lookout for them--and to stop them before they put a dent in your company's budget or reputation.

The "Fisherman"

Fisherman toner pirates don't go fishing--they go phishing. This usually involves info-gathering phone calls where they pretend to be your provider, and, although your actual provider should already know these things, they'll ask for details about your printers, supplies, and usage habits. Later, this info will be used to try selling low-quality toner to your company.

Defense: The best defense against fisherman toner pirates, and toner pirates in general, is managed print services. Managed print providers help you keep track of your supplies and needs--and since they would never call up asking random questions, you can more easily identify phishing phone calls.

The "Innocent Merchant"

Merchant toner pirates rely on trickery. They try to convince you that they've got a special, limited-time-only deal on toner and that you'll miss out if you don't order right now.

Defense: Managed print providers protect you against merchant toner pirates by offering transparent, honest prices on supplies--and, of course, they never try to pressure you into purchases with fake deals.

The "Blackbeard"

As infamous as they come, these types of toner pirates don't take prisoners. Instead, they send low-quality toner to your business without wasting any time on tricks, hoping you'll accept the delivery without realizing what's going on.

Defense: With managed print services, it's easy to keep track of your supply needs and orders--meaning that an unsolicited toner delivery will always stand out as suspicious.


Although toner pirates are savvy, they're not quite as smart as they think they are. With a bit of help from managed print services, it's easy to keep these scalawags from boarding your ship--or from selling toner you don't even need.

Worried about toner pirates? Don't raise that white flag--contact us today for help from managed print services!

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