4 Tips to Go Green


Managed print services are well known in the office equipment and services industry since they were created to save organizations money.

This is by far the most significant business benefit. Still, there is more to managed print services, like big benefits for the environment (saving on supplies and energy) and reducing workflow inefficiencies and overall waste.

Managed print services are one of the top ways to go green, so we’ll dive more into that here.

Sustainable Print is Key

Making your print environment sustainable is critical to your business. Why? Because first of all, nothing continues in a state of chaos. Eventually, it will override your operations and budget, and who wants to be majorly impacted in a business sense by an inefficient print environment?

With that, managed print turns things in the direction of sustainability, so since we’re there, here are four more top tips for going green.

Productive Office Solutions

Going green is easier if you can:

  1. Adjust print output and consider digital solutions With managed print, you can review your current print output and save supplies by recognizing wasteful or unnecessary print projects. Converting those to digital communication will save money and supplies.

  2. Reduce your need for on-site, hard copy storage Using digital solutions like document management can also boost sustainability will limit wasted supplies.

  3. Cut back on power consumption Printing takes a lot of power - getting the machine warmed up and running it for a long time, ordering supplies, fixing problems. With managed print, they complete these tasks in the most efficient way possible to reduce excess.

  4. Find an efficient space Locating a good spot for your printers is also important to cut back on non-essential printing and traffic.

Bonus: managed print also helps to boost productivity, another way to be more environmentally conscious.

Getting Ahead with Efficient Print

Your print environment makes your business run smoothly and sustainably. Da-Com Digital Office Solutions has solutions for going green in print – let’s talk.

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