5 Reasons Universities Need Managed Print


Universities are spread out over a large physical space, making consolidation of resources sometimes tricky. Also, despite significant moves to go digital, hard copy paperwork is still an essential part of university business and communications.

While there is a lot of printing to get done on college or university campuses, the equipment needs to have more features than just printing.

It's also crucial that the printer can help staff organize digital documents and workflows and arrange to backup older materials.

However, it's a big job to oversee a dynamic print environment, and it's easier when there is a little professional, outsourced help on your side.

Managed Print in Education

The print environment in universities is an excellent opportunity for managed print to address the above issues. Managed print in education is a great way to make sure that faculty, staff, and students have the resources they need for effective higher education needs.

Managed print is a system that addresses a large, sometimes costly print environment. It organizes it into a regulated, convenient tool that is helping your institution, not costing money or productivity.

Benefits to Universities

With managed print, your university will enjoy these benefits.

  • Save money - cut costs on supplies, productivity, and ineffective machines.

  • Focus on students - instead of troubleshooting print and printers, you can get back to the classroom.

  • Build other resources - by saving on your print environment, you can allow more spending in areas you'd instead focus the money.

  • Manage what matters - overseeing print means that it's an important business function, but you don't want it to take over your life. Sometimes it's just better to outsource.

  • Increase efficiency - let employees do their jobs and stay on task with managed print.

Managed Print Starts at Da-Com

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