5 Ways a Multifunction Printer Makes Work Easier

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A few things managers are always asking themselves – how can we cut costs, and how can we make work easier for employees to improve productivity?

What if there is a way to accomplish both efforts, in an aspect of office management that is often overlooked – the print environment? Would you take advantage of updated technology and print functions that make printing faster, easier, and cheaper? 

Of course, you would! That’s why we’ve got the solutions for how to improve your print environment below. 

Today’s MFP and How it Helps Businesses

The best way to improve printing is to invest in a multifunction printer. It boosts business, productivity, and uses advanced technology to make office operations run more smoothly.

Business improvements from investing in an MFP include:

1. Creating one central location for printing

Cut back on employee traffic and wandering by having all operations in one place.

2. Reducing employee distractions

If employees are running all over for every scan, print, or copy effort, they are cutting their productive time by 15 minutes with each effort. Centralizing fixes this, too. 

3. Increasing security features

With passwords, secure printing, and data backup, your printed materials and data are protected, saving time and money from a potential hack.

4. Adding scan-to-email technology

Quit faxing, once and for all by adding super-fast scan-to-email on your multifunction printer. 

5. Improving volume and quality of printing

An MFP can print more documents faster, and with higher quality than most one-shot machines. Productive equipment means productive teams!

Production in One Place

Your multifunction printer will combine all production efforts into one place in your office. Let your teams focus on their projects with better productivity by upgrading to a multifunction printer today. Just get in touch with Da-Com Digital Office Solutions to make the process easier. 

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