6 Ways to Save on Printing

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Your print budget seems to always take a hit. From repairs to extra supplies, it's hard to keep it realistic, consistent, and manageable every month. Of course you've considered ways to save, but here are a few options that may not have come up in previous budget brainstorming sessions.

Find Your Print Solutions and Save

Print solutions that help your budget go beyond just telling employees to print less.

You can team up with experts to evaluate exactly how your business uses your print environment, what your needs are, and where you can create efficiencies. Then, take off running with a budget you can manage. Here's how to get there.

1. Go digital

Saving on print is easier if your business uses document management solutions to cut back on hard copy paperwork. Document management is an online system for processing, saving, storing, and accessing files so your business runs online.

2. Do a print audit

Investigate your print a little before you make changes, so that you make the right changes. A print audit will tell you where your print costs are coming from and if they are necessary.

3. Invest in managed print

Managed print services means all the tedious tasks are covered. Interested? The service can save you a lot of money.

4. Work with experts

Talk to a team that knows what their doing, and has experience in the field. You don't want to work on print with a company that only does print management on the side.

5. Improve print policies

Print policies can make a big difference in supply use, personal printing, and other excessive and costly uses.

6. Reduce over-printing

Do your employees print emails? Print too many agendas? Your print audit and policies will address this, but cutting back on over printing can make a big dent in a realistic budget.

Print Savings Starts Here

Time to cut back where it counts with printing so that you can see a difference in your budget. The best place to start? Print management. Talk to the pro team at Da-Com to integrate the solutions that work for you.

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