Control Your Costs With Managed Print


If you find your company is paying more than you think it should for printing costs, you aren't alone. Print costs are one area of the company budget that just seems to keep growing. However, there is a good way of reducing the per-page cost of printing. 

Unnecessary Printing

One of the reasons that your print costs are too high is that people are printing when they really don't need to. With managed print services, unnecessary printing can be cut down so that your print costs don't spiral out of control. The use of the printer fleet goes on unchecked in many offices, and that's why so much of it is unnecessary. People print out everything as a manner of course instead of really needing those hard copies. With managed print, your employees are each held accountable for how much they print, so they soon cut out the printing that isn't needed.

Keeping Printers in Good Condition

One of the other reasons that print costs can be so high is that your printers may often need to be repaired. If you have managed print services, however, you can expect much fewer repairs to be needed. That's because the maintenance of the machines is a part of those services. This keeps your printer fleet in good condition so that so many repairs are not needed. And if you do need a repair, it will likely be a small one rather than a large and expensive one. 

Printers Can Be More Energy Efficient

Older printers tend to be less energy efficient, as new technologies have allowed printers to use less power. This can be helped at your initial assessment for your managed print services. During this assessment, old, power-hungry machines can be weeded out of your fleet so that your company uses less energy and has reduced energy costs.

If you want lower printing costs, call us today to find out more about our cost-saving managed print services. We can show you just how these services can save you money month after month. That's savings that builds up over time and can make a real impact on your budget. 

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