Creating Fan-Favorite Document Management With the Cloud


Cloud-based document management doesn't sound like the kind of thing that would have a huge following--but the truth is, companies of all shapes and sizes are falling in love with this solution. Here's how you can create document management solutions with the cloud--and turn your employees into its avid supporters.

Document Management for the Masses

The one thing many companies tend to overlook regarding document management is employee buy-in. No matter how good the solution looks on paper, it has to be accepted by the people who will be using it--otherwise, it won't provide many benefits at all.

Here are a few ways to create a cloud-based document management system that your employees--and your bottom line--will love.

Assemble a team.

Think of these people as your document management ambassadors. It will be their job to test each document management solution in the field, explore cloud-based solutions, report any trouble areas to you, and eventually encourage their coworkers to adopt the new procedures.

Ask for feedback.

To create fan-favorite solutions, you'll need fan input. In this case, ask for feedback from your teams and departments before implementing any solutions. This will help you understand where your current document management system ranks and how you can improve by introducing the cloud. You'll also get to know priorities from each department, which can help create a system that benefits everyone.

Make the cloud look cool.

Changes involving the cloud can leave some employees wondering if they'll have more work to do. To sell them on cloud-based document management, you'll have to make the whole thing sound like the cutting-edge tech solution it is. Show employees how much easier their job will be when they can save documents to the cloud and access them from anywhere or when they can all be working on the same file without inadvertently looking at an outdated version.


Creating fan-favorite document management may not sound easy, but once you're taking full advantage of the cloud, your people will see just how powerful this solution can be. Remember to show them how cloud-based document management makes their lives easier--and soon, you'll have a company full of document management fans.

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