Disaster Recovery Begins with Document Management

Disaster Recovery, Document Management

If your organization has a disaster recovery plan, most likely you know how you would rebuild following the worst-case scenario. But many businesses don't realize their most valuable asset isn't equipment or office space, but rather their irreplaceable organizational knowledge and information.

This information represents client or customer records, training materials, best practices, policies and procedures, and more--and ultimately represents your competitive edge. Too often, however, this invaluable knowledge is saved on vulnerable paper or in unsecured hard drives spread across an office. How would your business recover information in the event of a disaster?

That's where document management comes into play. Document management secures your organization's knowledge and provides a back-up strategy. You can archive paper or digital documents in easy-to-use document management systems, ensuring they last beyond any natural or manmade disaster that can occur.

The University of Texas estimates that only 6% of companies that experience significant data loss survive. With your current disaster recovery plan, would your company be among the survivors? With off-site cloud storage options, your company can be. Even while you rebuild, your data can be easily accessed and utilized to help your organization function.

Secure your key data by investing in a document management system. With Da-Com, you not only receive an excellent system, you're also guaranteed professional support during your data recovery process. Call us today to protect your information in case of a disaster!