Do You Have a Printing Security Problem?

printing security

It's not always easy to tell if your print security processes have weaknesses--after all, if you were able to identify them, you probably would have fixed them! Luckily, there are a few ways to tell whether you've got a problem, and there are even more ways to make sure your printing security is as strong as possible.

One Step at a Time

Printing security is an absolute must in this day and age, no matter what industry you're in and no matter what kind of business you have. However, believe it or not, the first step is a simple one: make sure you have the right printers. Printing is a huge part of everything you do, and if your machines aren't up to the task, they could be creating new security problems for you (for example, outdated devices are often more vulnerable). Once you're confident in your fleet, it's time to take printing security to the next level.

Do You Have a Printing Problem?

How do you tell if you have a printing security problem? Just ask yourself these questions!

  • #1: Do we leave documents lying around?

Once a document is printed, it's in the world, and it must be protected. Look around your workplace. Are potentially sensitive documents lying in piles, on printing trays, or in the trash? This is a definite sign of a security issue.

  • #2: Do we print unnecessarily?

Sometimes, a document just doesn't need to be printed at all. Do your employees know when to hit the "print" button and when to keep information in a digital-only format? If not, you might have a printing problem.

  • #3: Can we track what we print?

If you can't tell who printed a document, where it ended up, and where it was supposed to end up, you're missing an opportunity to eliminate security risks and protect your sensitive data.

If these questions brought up some issues, it might be time to consider revitalizing your printing security processes. For personalized security advice, contact us today!

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