Document Management and Financial Institutions: A Good Match?

Bank teller booths

Document management is known for being an air-tight solution to just about any paper pain--but can it fulfill the high standards and intricate needs of the financial world? Let's find out!

A Day in the Life

To see whether document management is a good match for financial institutions of all shapes and sizes, let's look at a hypothetical example.

Document Management in Action

Meet Company A. They're a bright-eyed, bushy-tailed little bank ready to go out and help clients take control of their financial lives. At first, they weren't sure how they would handle all the highly sensitive documents created by their work--but then they discovered document management, and the rest is history.

Flawless organization

After scanning their physical files with document management solutions, Company A was able to reorganize everything by date, client, and keyword. Now they can search, edit, share, and save files--even remotely.

Pain-free communication

Company A knows that financial communication can be stressful, especially for clients. To minimize downtime, eliminate unnecessary steps, and keep everyone on the same page, Company A utilized document management applications. To create shared workspaces and digitally distribute information (rather than going "old school" and relying exclusively on printers or fax machines to get the job done).

Unshakable security and compliance

Document management helps Company A improve security a little more every day. For example, the newest addition to their security arsenal is user authentication, which makes employees enter a code or password before accessing sensitive files. This doesn't just improve customer comfort; it also helps Company A stay compliant with regulations for financial privacy and security--which is good news for their reputation and their budget.

If Company A sounds like the kind of financial institution you'd like to be, you're in the right place. Contact us today to learn more about document management!

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