Does Managed Print Belong in the Legal Industry?

Man knocking on door that has a sign that reads opportunity

Law firms have high standards, unique challenges, and a whole lot of work to do--which means that they don't want to waste time on solutions that weren't designed for them. Does managed print fit the bill? Let's find out!

The Case for Managed Print

It's not every day that business solutions come knocking on your door, eager to prove why they're a perfect fit for your company. Today, though, that's exactly what's happening. We're making a case for managed print: does it belong in the legal industry, or should law firms send this solution packing? Let's present some evidence for consideration.

Exhibit A: Compliance

Law firms juggle a lot of sensitive information, which means that compliance is a fact of life--however, with help from managed print, compliance can be easier than ever. Managed print makes it possible to eliminate security risks (like documents abandoned on the printer), create secure communication (by introducing tools that cut out extra steps), and control access (with solutions like user authentication).

Exhibit B: Efficiency

With managed print, law firms can always stay on top of the game. Take, for example, a complicated case with all kinds of documentation and a lot of team involvement. Managed print helps organize the necessary files, distribute data quickly and efficiently without wasting time (or paper), and keep everyone in the loop without jeopardizing sensitive information.

Exhibit C: Reduction of human error

The last thing a hardworking law firm wants to discover is that some innocent yet embarrassing mistake made it all the way to the courtroom. Managed print can help reduce human error by automating certain tasks, making consistency and accuracy a staple of any print environment.

So, that's the case for managed print--does it have a place in your business? Contact us today to find out!

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