Does Managed Print Services Save Money?


When evaluating any business solution, you've likely got one big question: Does it actually save money? The good news is that, when it comes to managed print services, that question isn't just easy to answer--the proof is also easily measured. Read on to find out how managed print services does save money (and how to see for yourself).

Saving Money with Managed Print

Managed print services isn't like other business solutions. It doesn't address just one thing at a time--instead, it treats your print environment as a living, breathing whole and addresses every element, from the most important printer to the simplest network connection. However, with all those moving parts, you may start to wonder exactly how managed print is saving money.

The good news is that managed print services protects your budget every day. Here's where to see it in action!

Improving your printer fleet

Depending on your needs, your managed print provider may recommend downsizing your fleet. You'll immediately see savings on things like consumables and energy, but you'll also see a boost in efficiency--which saves money too.

Another way managed print improves your printer fleet is by helping you budget for upgrades and find the best deals. You'll save money in the long run--and printers with all the bells and whistles will be more accessible than ever.

Saving paper

It seems odd that a print solution would encourage you to print less--but the truth about managed print services is that it's about smart, not more. Printing smarter means you use ink and paper only when necessary, often choosing digital solutions instead. This is good news for your wallet and the environment.

Strengthening your processes

Even a small procedural issue, like using inefficient software or adding extra steps to your workflow, can end up wasting money. Managed print services helps strengthen these processes by streamlining, simplifying, and improving just about everything. Naturally, less wasted time means less wasted money--and your employees will be happier, too.


Although not all business solutions make it easy to see how they're saving money, managed print services is the exception. Just look at areas like your printer fleet, consumables costs, and workflows to see all the ways managed print is protecting your budget every day.

Want managed print services to start saving money for you? Contact us today to put this solution to work!

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