Does Sustainability Start with Managed Print?


When businesses start looking to improve sustainability measures, it can be hard to find where to start. It seems like almost everything is an issue, so what do you fix first? What has the most significant impact on green business? Which efforts make the most sense for your business?

Here’s a great idea that you may have overlooked – managed print is considered the first step to increased, notable sustainability measures. Why? Because the service cuts back on paper waste, reduces costs, improves efficiency, decreases energy use, and saves money. It’s a win all around.

Managed Print Explained

Managed print services are a system that builds oversight into your entire print fleet – from machines to supply and service order to gathering data on print.

Managed print services are an outsourced service that uses a team of experts to manage print costs, output, and use better.

Going Green in Any Industry

All industries can benefit from managed print because print waste and high print costs are shared across industries that use print.

For example, in any office with a printer, at least one in 20 pages are lost, and documents are often copied up to 19 times. Those statistics are ridiculous and make no sense. Printing doesn’t have to be a sinkhole of waste and misuse of resources.

Cut Waste with Managed Print

Investing in managed print will significantly reduce your company’s paper waste and print budget. Those two benefits alone are huge, in addition to increasing sustainability and green solutions. Time to set everyone up for success with managed print - get in touch with Da-Com Digital Office Solutions.

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