Don't Let Multifunction Printers be a Security Risk

printer with security card

Multifunction printers are a great addition to your workflow, but if they're not properly managed, they can be a huge security risk. Here are a few things you can fix so that your multifunction printer is improving security rather than weakening it!

Print Security

Although multifunction systems are a huge part of print security, they also impact security in the rest of your office--documents, networks, mobile devices, you name it. The good news is that, while multifunction printers can cause potential risks, they don't have to. All you have to do is understand your unique machine and then make sure that you're utilizing the right settings, features, and processes to keep your print environment safe and efficient.

What to Do

Ready to make sure your multifunction printer isn't a security risk? Ask yourself these quick questions!

  • Do we secure our hard drives?

Today's multifunction devices store all kinds of data on their hard drives. As a result, it's important to wipe or destroy those hard drives before letting the printer out of your sight--and on top of that, it's smart to encrypt everything the printer sends or receives as an extra layer of protection.

  • Do we use passwords?

Passwords are a pretty simple security feature that can make a big difference. Remember, just having a password isn't enough; it needs to be complicated, difficult to guess, and "rotating," which means that it changes regularly.

  • Do we leave documents on the print tray?

Not all security risks are digital. Documents left on the print tray can easily fall into the wrong hands or simply get lost, which is a huge security issue--so it's best to implement solutions so that your printers don't release a document until someone enters a PIN.

Multifunction printers can either be a benefit or a risk to your security processes. Want to make sure your machine is safe and efficient? Contact us today!

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