Don't Let the Toner Pirates Target Your Business!


Toner pirates are out there, and they're targeting businesses just like yours. Here's how they ply their trade and how you can stop them before they scam your company out of money.

Old Stock

So, you've bought some brand-new toner from a salesperson, but there later seems to be something wrong with it. What happened? Toner pirates are out there, sailing the seas of corporate America. They have a big bag of tricks to use to separate your company from its money, and this is one of them. Using old stock and selling it as new can mean that the bottle is actually expired and has had the dates changed. At worst, it means that the toner itself has dried up and is unusable. At best it may be too thick from age, and it may harm your copier just to use it.

Fake Brand Names

Brand-name toner is preferable because it is usually of a higher quality. The brand names go to great lengths to be consistent with their toner quality, and it shows in the finished results. However, just because you order name-brand toner doesn't mean you will receive it. Toner pirates are known to take name-brand bottles and refill them with off-brand toner and leaving customers none the wiser. It may be a while before you can tell that the switch has been made, and by that time the toner pirate is long gone.

The Disappearing Act

One of the toner pirate's favorite things to do is to disappear completely. Why is that a bad thing? Because they disappear after they've taken your money. They call, or even visit in person, and collect payment for toner, and then they completely disappear. You never hear from them again, and there's no toner on the way. And because you don't have accurate contact information for the salesperson, there is little recourse afterward. There's no way to contact these people, so there is no getting your money back.

To stay away from toner pirates, shop with a local seller who is a part of the community instead of someone who comes and goes. We sell high-quality toner, and we stay around to back it up. Contact us today for all of your toner needs.

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