Don't Stay Behind the Times - Upgrade to a Multifunction Printer Today!


Today's multifunction printers are lightyears ahead of many office machines used just a few years ago. These units are fast, energy-efficient and can get a lot more done than most single-function machines.

Saving Money

One of the best reasons for upgrading to a multifunction printer is that it generally costs less to have one machine than it does to have four or five that each perform just one function. It also means spending less money on power. Office machines that are not being used are still drawing power when they are plugged in. If you have four separate machines, they are each drawing power at all times, forcing your company to pay more for utilities. With a single machine that does it all, there is less power needed and less heat generated.

Saving Space

The space needed for many different office machines can be excessive. Not only do you need the machine itself, you need furniture to hold the machines and to hold its supplies. Offices with many single-function office machines often have them scattered throughout the office. This means you don't need a whole room to house them all, but it also means that each area that has one has a little less room available. It can make storage harder, and it is often frustrating to employees who have less space and have to run around the office to get various clerical tasks done.

Saving Time

One of the most amazing things about multifunction printers is that many models will do multiple tasks at the same time. This allows different employees to get work done all at the same machine and at the same time. It also makes workflows shorter since different tasks can all be done in the same place. And because the machines can handle multiple tasks, there is less waiting around for a free machine for employees. Having a fast, efficient office machine ready to be used can go a long way toward curbing impatience and frustration in the workplace.

If your company is ready to upgrade to a multifunction printer, call us today to find out how we can help. 

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