Easiest Ways to Go Green #1 - Invest in Water Filtration Systems

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In the average office, bottled water is used freely to greet clients, provide customer service, and even by staff. While it might seem convenient, using bottled water is becoming an outdated tactic that can even reflect poorly on your business.

Major international corporations are pitching in to increase sustainability, which includes efforts to ditch single-use plastics. Of disposable water bottles, under two thirds of bottles used actually get recycled, and the water is not exactly a higher quality anyway.

This is where the shift to a water filtration system fits in. You can still host clients, provide the benefit of filtered water to employees, and improve morale without the overuse of plastic.

Businesses Can Boost Sustainability

Going green is not a fad, it's a necessity for both the good of the company and the public, in addition to public relations and maintaining a positive employee morale and corporate integrity.

Eliminating water bottles for a water filtration system is a good choice for the environment and your company - you can even make a little marketing campaign out of the change to show your commitment to community and environment, much like the National Park Service did when they stopped selling plastic water bottles.

Simple Changes Add Up

Every effort to invest in long-term sustainability matters, and the majority of employees support going green.

Share the shift with your teams to get employee buy in, make the investment in water filtration systems, and then the best part - see savings from reducing plastic waste.

Start Here

With Da-Com, you can’t go wrong when you make the right effort. We’ll walk you through options to improve office sustainability, like getting a water filtration system that serves your team. Contact us to go green!

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